尾藤 朋美
DEC.11.1990 Born in Tokyo, Japan
Personal Trainer / Professional Runner / Bodybuilding Artist

The 35th Marathon Des Sables 2nd place
Mongolian Trail Run 2023 1st place
Pyrenees Stage Run 3rd place
The Coastal Challenge 2022  3rd place
The 37th Marathon Des Sables 3rd place
Trans Sahara Marathon 2nd place
Honolulu SPARTAN ULTRA 50k 1st place
Mont-Tremblant SPARTAN ULTRA 50k 1st place


In October 2021, I achieved the feat of women overall runner-up on “Sahara Marathon” called the world’s toughest marathon(Marathon Des Sables:MDS). Furthermore, in April 2023, in my second “Sahara Marathon”, I won 3rd place overall for women and I became the 1st Japanese to win prize the race for two consecutive years. In February 2023, I was the first Japanese to place third in an adventure race “The Coastal Challenge:TCC”, running in the jungle around Costa Rica. In addition, I have also won ultra-trail running which distance is over 100 miles competition in Japan.

In December 2021, I represented Japan in the SPARTAN RACE, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious obstacle races. And I participated in the WORLD CHAMPION SHIP in Dubai and won 1st place in Asia/20th for overall. In August 2022, I became the first Japanese to win the overall women’s title at the SPARTAN RACE ULTRA 50K ERITE held in Honolulu.


"SEIZE YOUR DREAM" "Do what you say" I set my goals and declare it to everyone.
That means, the goals is clear, anyone can understand it. so, they can cheer for me.
Then, I keep working hard to achieve it. Always "cheerful" and "smilling"


◯March: Trans Sahara Marathon 2nd Place 

◯September: Pyrenees Stage Run mix overall 3rd Place 
◯August: Bali Ultra Trail 100K female overall 3rd Place 
◯August: Mongolian Trail Run 2023 female overall champion
◯June: SPARTAN RACE Mont-Tremblant ULTRA 50K female overall champion
◯April: MARATHON DES SABLES: Overall female 3rd place
◯March: KUMAGAWA REVIVAL TRAIL TAMAGAWA Course(167km): Overall female champion
◯February: The Coastal Challenge: Overall female 3rd place in the Expedition category

◯December: Champion in the Okinawa 100K Ultra marathon
◯October: SEOUL 100K (Ultra trail running) : Overall female 2rd place
◯August: SPARTAN RACE Honolulu ULTRA50K female overall champion

◯December: SPARTAN RACE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN DUBAI 20th overall female and 1st in Asia
◯October: MARATHON DES SABLES: Overall female runner-up
◯September: SPARTAN RACE Niigata BEAST ELEAT Japan Championship, overall female champion



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